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    from the fringe forum.....

    For those who are frustrated because "nothing is happening", this post on /qresearch is worthy:

    Anonymous 02/07/18 (Wed) 02:43:33 c11f7a No.292719>>292726 >>292750 >>293024 >>293431 >>293437 >>293439

    Just checking for a few hours tonight and…


    When did all the chimpouts start!?

    Never seen this many anger/concern fags on one night!

    Just finished watching Hannity tonight.

    For anyone who is frustrated about "nothing happening."

    This second memo officially makes it impossible to legally impeach the president over "Russia Collusion" (whatever that is).

    Now two of the strongest arms of the Deep State are about to burn to the ground, which will severely cripple the cabal in America.

    This being done on a slow drip, because the plan is:
    • * Discredit the DNC through exposing their corruption, to such a point only the most hardcore significant would continue to support them.

      * Bankrupt them by hamstringing their ability to operate slush funds (nobody on welfare donates money).

      * Clean Out the DOJ/FBI

      * Take out their henchmen = MS-13/
    • * Break the back of the child trafficking rings both for moral purposes but also cutting the cabal off from one of its largest sources of revenue.

      And this is just for starters. We are seeing all of this occurring in real time! Have I missed anything? The perp walks cannot start until these objectives have been completed! The left must be broken in order to prevent mass civil unrest! I think NOT throwing our country into a civil war is worth any anons Impatience/Frustration.