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  • The Flat Earth Overlords Favor The White Race & Manipulate The World Chessboard.

    When Freak Storms Win Battles: Divine Intervention or ‘Just Coincidence’...

    In Beyond Science, Epoch Times explores research and accounts related to phenomena and theories that challenge our current knowledge. We delve into ideas that stimulate the imagination and open up new possibilities. Share your thoughts with us on these sometimes controversial topics in the comments section below. Of all the battles in all of history, it may be likely that at least some of them would involve dramatic weather events. Yet some of the details of such battles seem to align so perfectly that people have attributed the victories and defeats to divine intervention...
    Persian Conquest Thwarted

    In 492 B.C., Greece was close to being overwhelmed by the great Persian force led by the Persian General Mardonius. But as the Persian forces sailed near Athos, a hurricane destroyed 300 ships, killing 20,000 men, as reported by the historian Herodotus.
    This event did not prevent Persia from attempting to conquer Greece, it only stopped this one attempt. But this attempt may have been the only one that could have succeeded. The Greeks were able to ward off the Persians in subsequent battles.

    As the Persians forces sailed near Athos, a hurricane destroyed 300 ships, killing 20,000 men.

    From the perspective of the Ancient Greeks, it may have seemed the sea god Poseidon was protecting them. Or, that the Persians were guilty of hubris—excessive pride often punished by the gods—in pushing through stormy seas with a sense of infallibility.
    The sea in this area was notorious for hurricanes. Yet the timing of this particular hurricane was impeccable, and providential.
    Tornadoes, hurricanes, and typhoons have swept in at precisely the right time to influence important battles in history.

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    Green Street,,,,Thanks for this.....I have thought this for a long time...Glad to see others feel the same way....


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    Another example of this is the conquest of Mexico & Peru by the Spanish.....

    Very improbable on the face of it......


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      It is important for us to understand that one person is not a Methodist and another a Catholic and a third a Marxist as the result of any rational process–at least, not in the vast majority of cases, although there are individual exceptions. That is, one is not a Methodist because one sat down and studied the Methodist doctrine, compared it with other doctrines, and decided that Methodism was what made the most sense. One is a Methodist, generally, because one’s parents and neighbors were–that is, out of an entirely unreasoning desire to conform, to believe what one perceives that which one is expected to believe. John Wesley undoubtedly was an exception to this rule, but very few other Methodists have been. There has been strong resistance to accepting the implications of this important facet of human behavior. People seem to want to believe that we are all quite rational, when most of us aren’t. For our purposes, the implication of the fact that most people are governed far more by herd instinct than by reason is this: Insofar as the general public is concerned, truth cannot fight its own battles. As long as Norman Lear, the Jewish television producer, has more kilowatts for reaching the public than we do, it will be his view of history and, more importantly, his view of what is moral rather than ours which will be generally accepted and which will govern the political process.
      This means that we can realistically expect our educational efforts to be effective with only a rather small minority of our fellow citizens. We cannot expect to make a partisan for our cause out of the average man or woman who perceives, even unconsciously, that our cause is not popular, no matter how many books or leaflets we may coax that person into reading. We win only two types of people. One is the person who is already alienated to a certain extent from Mr. Lear’s world and does not fully feel himself a part of the herd to which Mr. Lear is preaching with his cleverly designed television sermons. Unfortunately, in many cases people are alienated for reason which are entirely or partly wrong from our point of view. That is why protest movements and revolutionary movements always pick up lots of defective people. On the other hand, alienation is certain to remain a growth industry, as they say, and one can hope to see many more essentially healthy people becoming alienated from the mainstream in the years ahead.
      We are convinced that, unless our values prevail and rule, unless it is our world view which determines the shape of the future by setting men’s priorities and guiding them in their decisions, then there will be no future--that is, no future worth mentioning.


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